Bank Deposit Computer

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks Make a device that would display a student’s piggy bank balance after each deposit. Compare two offers:   The first offer is that the teacher gives her $3 today and $222 everyday thereafter.  The second offer is to give her $3 today; then each subsequent weekend (Saturday and Sunday), he gives her double the … Continue reading Bank Deposit Computer

Prime and Composite Number Detector

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks Is 7081 a prime or composite number?  Make a prime or composite detector.   How CT may Support Mathematics Learning The use of conditionals and Boolean operators will come into play when checking whether a number is prime or composite. In particular, students will need to loop a function to check the divisibility of a … Continue reading Prime and Composite Number Detector

Display Temperature & Room Capacity Monitor

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks Make a thermometer to display the temperature in this room right now.Make a tally counter to keep track of the number of people entering this room.Make a device that monitors the room capacity with LED indicators. Set three levels of room capacity for this room: (a) well below capacity, (b) reaching … Continue reading Display Temperature & Room Capacity Monitor