CU in the CLOUD Live Lessons 2021

由Prof. Ng Oi Lam 指導,BMED 學員製作的數學影片會定期上載至YouTube,歡迎瀏覽「中大雲上師:數學教育」。) 2021年課堂 報名連結:  課題 學習重點課堂日期課堂時間授課語言YouTube Live連結數學的應用(1): COVID 介紹傳染基本系數及推算感染人數探索檢測準確度的計算方法探討有關新冠病毒報導的謬誤3月5日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話備戰DSE (1)破解相似三角形、全等三角形解决因式分解三次方程的新方法三角形四心攻略4月10日(六)11:00-11:30am廣東話 DSE數學科試後分析及備戰計劃 DSE考題畫圖技巧 學識預判題目的考核重點5月7日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話數學與邏輯分析數學陳述句簡介邏輯運算符號6月4日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話初中數學溫習 溫習斜率(slope)的概念解題的技巧和順序7月2日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話籌備中籌備中8月20日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話 籌備中

Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning

Project Supervisor (2021-present). Developing a Faculty-wide Video-based Pedagogy and Assessment Framework to Enhance Reflective Video-Engagement: Integration with the University-wide Learning Management System for Virtual Teaching and Learning ($997,128 HKD). This project is to design a series of video modules for blended learning, a common video-based pedagogical framework with lesson templates, and strategies for assessing students’ video-based reflections across six teacher education undergraduate programmes as well as one postgraduate diploma programmes in the Faculty of Education. 

Supporting Hong Kong ethnic minority learners’ multimodal mathematics learning through responsive teaching in technology-enhanced environments

Principal Investigator (2022-present). This study’s dual aims are: (1) to develop Hong Kong teachers’ expertise in supporting ethnic minority students’ mathematical learning in multimodal, technological learning environments, (2) to uncover ethnic minority students’ competences in mathematical activities in dynamic geometry environments through examining their multimodal discourse (e.g. words, gestures, and touchscreen dragging). Funded by the … Continue reading Supporting Hong Kong ethnic minority learners’ multimodal mathematics learning through responsive teaching in technology-enhanced environments

Conference Presentations and Conference Proceedings

Ahn, A., Brown, J., Coles, A., Le Roux, K., Mellone, M., Ng, O., Solares, A. (2021, July). Researching mathematics curriculum innovation in complex, changing, uncertain times. Working group paper presented at the 2021 Virtual Meeting of the IGPME.Yeung, W.L., Ng, O., So, H.-S.C., Kwo, C.-M.T. (2021, August). Affective dimensions of STEM education for gifted students: The case of … Continue reading Conference Presentations and Conference Proceedings

Refereed Publications

Ng Liu CuiNg, O., Liang, B., & Leung, A. (accepted). Using first- and second-order models to characterise in-service teachers’ video-aided reflection on teaching and learning mathematics with 3D Pens. In A. Clark-Wilson, O. Robutti, & N. Sinclair (Eds.). The Mathematics Teacher in the Digital Era (2nd Edition). Springer: Cham, SwitzerlandNg, O., & Park, M. (in press). Using … Continue reading Refereed Publications

Selected Invited Presentations

Ng, O. (2021, April-May). Transformative technologies or transformative pedagogies? Workshops on using technologies for conceptual mathematics teaching and learning. Invited workshop series for Hong Kong Association of Mathematics Education.Ng, O. (2021, January). Research and trends in mathematics teachers’ professional development. Invited presentation at Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Association of Mathematics Education.Ng, O. (2021, January). Using videos to … Continue reading Selected Invited Presentations