Innovating the Mathematics Curriculum in Times of Change: Towards Local and Global Relevance

Co-Investigator. (2019-Present). This Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) project is comprised of researchers on five continents, who will work with curriculum experts and disciplinary specialists in mathematics, climate science and indigenous knowledge, in order to develop new courses, or adapt existing ones, in seven Universities. (PI: Dr. Alf Coles).

Funded by the WUN Research Development Fund (£ 26418).


  1. Ng, O., Tsang, W. K., Tsoi, C. K., Ng, W. H., Cheng, P. K. (2020). Teaching secondary mathematics students about climate change: Towards an environmentally conscious mathematics education. EduMath, 42.
  2. Brown, J., Coles, A., Helliwell, T., Le Roux, K., Mellone, M., Ng, O., Solares, A. (2020, July). Innovating the mathematics curriculum in times of change: Towards local and global relevance. Working group paper presented at the 2020 Virtual Meeting of the IGPME.

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